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,Rikmat Plada is a leading provider of screens made out of crimped wires for industrial sieving

"vibrating screens, trummels and more. The screens are produced to order "Just in time

.according to customer's specification and under strict quality control

Screens are offered with wide choice of materials, structures and dimensions including non-.standard and proprietary designs


Materials: Carbon Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Special alloys

Wire Arrangement: single-single, double-single, double-double, special wiring design

Screen Shape: Rectangle, Round, special

Wire diameter: 1.1-12 mm

Opening Size: 0.85-200 mm

Special Purpose Nets

Rikmat plada provides crimped wire nets for architectural and decorative purposes. They are

used in zoos, gates, hedges, prison buildings and many other uses where their esthetic

.appearance combined with functionality provide an economical solution

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